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Lisa Blix Germundsson

Lisa Blix Germundsson
Lisa Blix Germundsson is a researcher and project manager with a focus on knowledge development and innovation in agriculture and horticulture. The research covers how different actors work together to develop new knowledge and innovation for a sustainable development.


My doctoral thesis  investigated how the knowledge and innovation system within Swedish horticulture can be developed to meet current and future challenges. Part of the doctoral studies were conducted within the NextFood project.

Examples of current projects:

COREnet, on knowledge, advisory services and innovation for firms related to short food supply chains.

"The bean to the plate", on domestic-grown legumes for food.

Innovation for a circular bioeconomy within horticulture, the innovation track , with LRF Horticulture.

Method development for better legislation, on reducing bureaucracy and regulatory rep tape for rural entrepreneurs.


I mainly teach and supervise the course for students' exam theses on the agronomy bachelor's program (Lantmästare) (EX0883).

I also contribute to the courses Socially Sustainable Leadership and Advisory Services (FÖ0489), Project management for innovation in sustainable food systems (LV0102), and Product Development and Innovation Systems in Horticulture (FÖ0435).


In addition to my research and teaching on collaboration for knowledge development and innovation, I am connected to SLU's Unit for Collaboration and Development, as well as to SLU RådNu, competence center for advisory services. 


I regularly supervise students' exam theses.

Students who are interested in writing a thesis within collaboration, knowledge development and innovation, are welcome to contact me.

Selected publications

Blix Germundsson, L., Norrman, C. (2023). Market formation and the role of the farmer in a micro-level agri-food innovation system. International Journal of Food System Dynamics. 14(4), 394-406.

Blix Germundsson, L., Ljung, M. (2023). Collective agency as a leverage point in multi-actor innovation: Two case studies from Swedish horticulture. Agricultural and Food Science.

von Bothmer, R., Nilsson A., Blix Germundsson, L. (2022) Samarbeten i den skånska myllan - Akademi, näringsliv och samhälle från Alnarp horisont. Tejarps förlag, Klågerup.

Blix Germundsson, L., Frankelius, P, Norrman, C. (2021). The role of innovation intermediary organisations in forming value creating meetings: the agri-food firm perspective. The international food and agribusiness management review: 1-12.

Sørensen, L. B., Germundsson, L. B., Hansen, S. R., Rojas, C. & Kristensen, N. H. (2021). What Skills Do Agricultural Professionals Need in the Transition towards a Sustainable Agriculture? A Qualitative Literature Review. Sustainability, 13, 13556.

Blix Germundsson, L., Augustinsson, S., Lidén, A. (2020). Collaboration in the Making—Towards a Practice-Based Approach to University Innovation Intermediary Organisations. Sustainability 12(12): 5142.

Blix Germundsson, L. (2021). What is AKIS? LTV Faculty Factsheet, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 2021:11 

Blix Germundsson, L. (2020). SLU Partnership Alnarp: Connecting Academia, Industry and Society. LTV Faculty Factsheet, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 2020:4.



Researcher at the Department of People and Society
Telephone: +4640415253, +46722174761
Postal address:
Box 190
234 22 Lomma
Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp