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Lisbet Norberg

Lisbet Norberg


My research work focuses on long-term evaluation of leaching of nutrients from agricultural systems in three different scales; catchment, field and experimental plots. I work with administration of two Swedish environmental monitoring programs; Observation fields (Observationsfält på åkermark) and Catchments in the agricultural landscape (Typområden på jordbruksmark) led by SLU on commission of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. 

My work also includes research activities on separately tile-drained experimental plots at six sites in southern Sweden, including fields in the programme for long-term experiments at SLU. The experiments include cropping systems with e.g. different tillage strategies, structure liming, applications of manure and different types of cover crops.

The PhD project investigated causes and actions for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from cultivated organic soils. Cropping systems, soil type and drainage levels was especially investigated by on-field measurements and laboratory studies of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Selected publications

Norberg, L., Hellman, M., Berglund, K., Hallin, S. and Berglund, Ö. 2021. Methane and nitrous oxide production from agricultural peat soils in relation to drainage level and abiotic and biotic Factors, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 9:631112.

Norberg, L. and Aronsson, H. 2019. Effects of cover crops sown in autumn on N and P leaching, Soil Use and Management, 00, 1-12.

Berglund, Ö., Berglund, K., Jordan, S. and Norberg, L. 2019. Carbon capture efficiency, yield, nutrient uptake and trafficability of different grass species on a cultivated peat soil, Catena, 173, 175-182.

Norberg, L., Berglund, Ö. and Berglund, K. 2018. Impact of drainage and soil properties on carbon dioxide emissions from intact cores of cultivated pear soils, Mires and Peat, 21.

Norberg, L., Berglund, Ö. and Berglund, K. 2016. Seasonal CO2 emission under different cropping systems on Histosols in southern Sweden, Geoderma Regional, 7:3, 338–345.

Norberg, L., Berglund, Ö. and Berglund, K. 2016. Nitrous oxide and methane fluxes during the growing season from cultivated peat soils, peaty marl and gyttja clay under different cropping systems, Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B — Soil & Plant Science, 66:7, 602-612.

In Swedish:

Norberg, L., Aronsson, H., Blomberg, M. och Ulén, B. 2021. Strukturkalkning för minskat fosforläckage – En fältstudie på mellanlera i Halland. Uppsala: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. (Ekohydrologi, 170).

Norberg, L., Linefur, H., Andersson, S. och Blomberg, M. 2021. Växtnäringsförluster från åkermark 2019/2020 – Årsredovisning från miljöövervakningsprogrammet Observationsfält på åkermark, Uppsala: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. (Ekohydrologi, 172).

Linefur, H., Norberg, L., Kyllmar, K., Andersson, S. och Blomberg, M. 2021. Växtnäringsförluster i små  jordbruksdominerade avrinningsområden 2019/2020 – Årsredovisning för miljöövervakningsprogrammet Typområden på jordbruksmark, Uppsala: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. (Ekohydrologi, 171).

Aronsson, H., Norberg, L., Blomberg, M. och Torstensson, G. 2018. Utlakningsförsök med vintergrön mark 1993-2017, Uppsala: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. (Ekohydrologi, 151 ).


Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment; Agricultural water management
Telephone: +4618673496, +46730317621
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Inst för mark och miljö, JbHy, Box 7014
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala