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Lotta Berg

Lotta Berg
I am a veterinary surgeon and Professor in Animal Environment and Health. My main research areas are animal husbandry systems, animal health and animal welfare. I am head of the Section of Environment, Care and Herd Health at the Department of Animal Environment and Health at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and based at the SLU Campus in Skara.


Photo of Lotta Berg when she i standing close to a tree outside the research building, SLU, Skara.I am involved in research and teaching of veterinary students, animal science students, ethology & animal welfare students. I am a member of several international working groups within my fields of research, and also work together with different governmental authorities and industry organisations. I spend part of my time working for the Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW), mainly with issues related to animal welfare at slaughter. I have an interest in nature conservation and birding is my hobby.


I am involved in a number of different research projects related to the housing and management of farm animals including farmed fish, but also projects about companion animals and wildlife. Poultry housing, effects of animal welfare legislation and control, and animal welfare at slaughter and killing, plus the interface between animal welfare and animal and human health (One Health) are some of my more specific areas of interest.


Education and degrees
Veterinary surgeon, DVM, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) 1992PhD in Animal Hygiene, SLU, 1998Associate Professor in Animal Hygiene, SLU, 2003

Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare, SLU, 2008-2015Professor in Animal Environment and Health, SLU, 2015-

Selected publications

Five selected recent publications

  1. Berg, C., Yngvesson, J., Nimmermark, S., Sandström, V., Algers, B., 2014. Killing of spent laying hens using CO2 in poultry barns. Animal Welfare 23:445-457.
  2. Lerner, H, Berg, C. The concept of health in One Health and some practical implications for research and education: what is One Health? Journal of Infection Ecology and Epidemiology, 2015:5 25300
  3. Gräns, A, Niklasson, L., Sandblom, E., Sundell, K., Algers, B., Berg, C., Lundh, T., Axelsson, M, Sundh, H., Kiessling, A. 2014. Stunning fish with CO2 or electricity: contradictory results on 1 behavioural and physiological stress responses. Animal, doi:10.1017/S1751731115000750, 8pp.
  4. Lundmark, F., Berg, C., Wahlberg, B., Röcklinsberg, H., 2015 'One animal is no animal' – Consequences of measuring animal welfare at herd level. In: Know your food – Food ethics and innovation. Dumitras, D.E., Jitea, I.M. & Aerts, S. (eds.). p. 31-35. Wageningen Academic Publishers, the Netherlands.
  5. Jansson, D.S., Mushtaq, M., Johansson, K-E., Bonnedahl, J., Waldenström, J., Andersson, D.I., Broman, T., Berg, C., Olsen, B., 2015. Intestinal spirochaetes (genus Brachyspira) colonize wild birds in the southern Atlantic region and Antarctica. Infection ecology and epidemiology., 2015:5, 29296

Professor at the Department of Animal Environment and Health; Division of Environment, Care and Herd Health Professor at the SCAW Nationellt centrum för djurvälfärd
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Visiting address: Gråbrödragatan 19, Skara
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