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Maria Vilain Rørvang

Maria Vilain Rörvang
Associate Professor at the Department of Biosystems and Technology, animal group in Alnarp, and at the Department of Animal Environment and Health in Skara.


I have a Masters degree in Agrobiology, a PhD in Animal Science, and a Docent in Agrucultural Science and work mainly on research questions related to animal housing, behaviour and welfare. I am interested in how animals perceive and interact with their physical and social environment. My research focus is in particular the motivations of animals and their cognitive capacities, which I aim will ultimately improve the housing systems and management, as well as enhance the enjoyment of humans and animals working/living together.

I am a member of international societies  within my area of research (e.g. ISAE and ISES) and I also collaborate with various private companies in my work.

I am situated at SLUs campus in Alnarp.

I have a huge passion for nature and animals and use most of my spare time hiking and photographing.


I am engaged in various research projects concerning animal housing and animal welfare including pigs, cows, poultry and horses. The basis of my research is studying interactions between the animals and their housing systems in order to optimize the systems and the management routines for the behavior and motivations of the animals while also considering the human and environmental perspectives. All in all this ensures animal welfare and an efficient and competitive production.

Examples of projects:


  • Bachelor in Biology (Animal Physiology and Ethology)
  • Masters degree in Agrobiology (Animal Physiology and Ethology)
  • PhD in Animal Science
  • Docent in Agricultural Sciences

Publications list: