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Marie Eisersiö

Marie Eisersiö
I am a PhD student at SLU since November 2017. My PhD project is about investigating how rein tension signals effect equine behaviour during riding and training. We are examining how the horse perceives rein tension signals by studying the horse's behaviour, heartrate variability and the learning process of a semi-new rein tension signal.


My two big passions in life are horses and learning new things, which makes this Doctoral education, in a project involving horses, an absolute dream job. Equine welfare is very important to me and I hope that my research will contribute to an increased knowledge about how the rein and bit should be used to safeguard equine welfare and human safety during horseback riding. 


- Rein tension from the horse's perspektiv - My PhD project 2017 - ongoing. Supervisor Agneta Egenvall
- The rein tension project - Normal distribution of rein tension. 2012-2014. Supervisors Agneta Egenvall and Lars Roepstorff


Research assisent, SLU, 2012-2014

MSc Animal Science, SLU, 2010-2013

BSc Ethology and Animal Welfare programme, SLU, 2007-2010

Selected publications

Egenvall, A., Roepstorff, L., Rhodin, M., Eisersiö, M., Clayton, H.M. 2016. Maximum and minimum peaks in rein tension within canter strides. Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 13, 63-71

Egenvall, A., Roepstorff, L., Eisersiö, M., Rhodin, M., van Weeren, R. 2015. Stride‑related rein tension patterns in walk and trot in the ridden horse. Acta Vet Scand, 57, 89

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Eisersiö, M., Roepstorff, L., Weishaupt, M.A., Egenvall, A. 2013. Horse mouth behaviour related to selected kinematic variables representing horse-rider interaction: a pilot study. The Veterinary Journal, 198, e33–e38

Egenvall, A., Eisersiö, M., Roepstorff, L. 2012. Pilot study of behavior responses in young riding horses using 2 methods of making transitions from trot to walk. Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 7, 157-168