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Matej Domevscik

Matej Domevscik
Adaptation of forest regeneration to the changed climate of the future forms the core of my work. Drought damage to seedlings, pine weevils, site adaptation and different regeneration methods are some of the major research topics.


My research focuses on one of the most vulnerable period in the lives of trees, their establishment as seedlings. In those first few years, trees can experience increased mortality due to a number of factors. Soil features, weather variables and pests are among the most important ones. While many studies have been done on establishment of seedlings over the years, climate change is quickly diminishing our understanding of the system as well as the tools available. Novel solutions are therefore urgently needed to adapt forest regeneration to the changed environment of the future. Focus should be put on drought resistance, site adaptation and protection against pests, as these factors have been shown to interact with the predicted consequences of climate change. Ensuring good establishment and therefore successful regeneration is crucial for preserving the carbon sink role of trees, among many other values that forests provide.


Licentiate degree in Forest Sciences - SLU, Sweden
Master of Science in Biology - SLU, Sweden
Bachelor of Science in Biology - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Selected publications

Adapting Scots Pine Regeneration to the Changing Climate - poster at the World Forestry Congress (South Korea 2022) 

Domevscik, M. (2022) Adapting Scots Pine Regeneration to the Changing Climate. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Domevscik, M., Häggström, B., Lim, H. Öhlund, J., Nordin, A. (2022) Large-scale assessment of artificially coated seeds for forest regeneration across Sweden. New Forests.

Häggström, B., Domevscik, M., Öhlund, J., Nordin, A. (2021) Survival and growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) seedlings in north Sweden: effects of planting position and arginine phosphate addition, Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 36:6, 423-433

Lodberg-Holm, H.K., Gelink, H.W., Hertel, A.G., Swenson, J.E., Domevscik, M., Steyaert, S.M.J.G., (2019) A human-induced landscape of fear influences foraging behavior of brown bears. Basic Appl. Ecol. 35, 18–27

Domevscik, M. (2018) Resource Distribution in Disturbed Landscapes – Berry abundance on Clearcuts and Their Use by Brown Bears. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.