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Niina Sundin

Niina Sundin
My research focuses on sustainability assessment of food waste management.


My background is in environmental engineering as well as nutrition and dietetics. I enjoy multi-disciplinary work, and in my PhD project, I am conducting a sustainability assessment of food donation as a food waste management option. I am assessing all three aspects of sustainability including environmental, economic, and social by using multiple methods, such as life cycle assessment, material flow analysis, survey, and 24-h dietary recall.  I am also involved in one of the work packages of LowInFood (EU project), where the aim is to test whether pedagogic meals can reduce food waste in school canteens. 

Selected publications

Sundin, N., Persson Osowski, C., Strid, I., Eriksson, M., 2022. Surplus food donation: Effectiveness, carbon footprint, and rebound effect. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 181, 106271.

Persson Osowski, C.; Osowski, D.; Johansson, K.; Sundin, N.; Malefors, C.; Eriksson, M., 2022. From Old Habits to New Routines—A Case Study of Food Waste Generation and Reduction in Four Swedish Schools. Resources 11, 5. 

Malefors, C., Sundin, N., Tromp, M., Eriksson, M., 2022. Testing interventions to reduce food waste in school catering. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 177, 105997.

Sundin, N., Rosell, M., Eriksson, M., Jensen, C., Bianchi, M., 2021. The climate impact of excess food intake - An avoidable environmental burden. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 174, 105777.



Doctoral Student at the Department of Energy and Technology; Division of Agricultural Engineering
Postal address:
Inst för energi och teknik, Box 7032
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala