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Torun Wallgren

Torun Wallgren


I am a researcher at the Department of Animal Environment and Health, Division of environment, care and herd health in Uppsala. I work with research and teaching mainly on pigs and pig production.


In addition to teaching about pigs and pig production, organic animal production and lab animals on several of the animal programmes, I am a course leader for the course "Djurhållning, djurhälsa, smittskydd" (Animal husbandry, animal health and biosecurity). I also supervise students at bachelor, master and doctoral level.


I am involved in several research projects at both national and international level. 

For example, the following projects are currently ongoing

BroilerNet, a European project focusing on innovations in food bird production. Here Sweden, with Stefan Gunnarsson as project manager, is the main coordinator for a total of 23 partners. Read more here: BroilerNet 

ActPig, a Swedish four-year project focusing on improving pig production. The project is financed by Formas and is planned to start in 2o24 when I am back from my parental leave.


Previous projects have included:

FareWellDock an EU project on tail biting in pigs. FarewellDock

LivestockSense an ICT Agri project on precision technology in pig and poultry production.LivestockSense


I am a agronomist in animal science, and also hold a BSc and MSc in Animal Science from SLU.

Selected publications

A survey of straw use and tail biting in Swedish pig farms rearing undocked pigs
Wallgren, T., Westin, R., Gunnarsson, S. 2016. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 201658:84

Wallgren, T., Larsen, A., Lundeheim, N., Westin, R., Gunnarsson, S. 2018.  Implication and impact of straw provision on behaviour, lesions and pen hygiene on commercial farms rearing undocked pigs. In press: Applied Animal Behaviour Sciences


Wallgren, T., Larsen, A., Gunnarsson, S. 2019.  Tail Posture as an Indicator of Tail Biting in Undocked Finishing Pigs. Animals 2019, 9(1), 18;

See the full list of publications on my orcid 0000-0003-3205-2692 Orcid Torun Wallgren