Last changed: 26 March 2019

The research school will organize six different activities (see below), all of which will adhere to three principles: inter-sectorial collaboration, international leadership and gender equality.

Research - The core of the research school is formed by the research projects (4 years for PhD, and 2 years for licentiate projects). These will be organized under three topic areas with high relevance for forest-based bioeconomy.

  1. Topic I – Forest Management
  2. Topic II – Planning and Inventory
  3. Topic III - Biomaterials and technology

Trainings - Research school organizes formal trainings (courses, seminars and workshops) that provide the graduate students with in-depth, translational knowledge in forest management issues.

Research school Conferences - Research school will serve as a meeting place for PhD students in forestry and representatives of the forest sector. In order to promote dialogue between academy and forest sector, and to stimulate collaborations, two general meetings (1-2 days) will be organized each year, one in spring and one in autumn. These meetings will commonly be hosted by the partners in the forest sector and consist of lectures (invited experts), student presentations and group discussions.

Strategic work for gender equality – Research school will actively work to support the development of leadership skills that promote gender equality. In addition to engaging faculty researchers with long expertise in gender-related research, we seek to involve external gender researcher as a consult to our strategy work. Activities are available for both the faculty members and for representatives of the forest sector.

Study trips - Research School organizes longer (1-2 weeks long) study trips abroad every second year. PhD students and other faculty members, as well as representatives of the forest sector participate the trips. The learning outcomes of each study trip will be formulated in advance and evaluated afterwards. Study trips provide the PhD students opportunities to establish new contacts and to connect with foreign researchers and companies.

Mentor program - The school organizes a mentoring program for doctoral students who are in their second or third year of the training. Mentors will be selected from academy or forest sector. Mentor program lasts nine months per student, and aims to strengthen the student´s professional identity and career insights.