25 May

Stora Loftet, Uppsala

Lunch seminar 'Non-metal contaminants in human and animal waste

Lunch seminar 'Non-metal contaminants in human and animal waste: constraints to agricultural use' by Associate Professor Björn Vinnerås. Dept. of Energy and Technology, Environmental Engineering Group, SLU; Environment and Biosecurity, SVA

The existing handling of biodegradable waste, wastewater and some animal manure is not organised in a sustainable manner that includes the reuse of the constituent nutrients. As our natural resources of phosphorus and potassium are finite and there is a high energy input (based mostly on fossil energy) for production of nitrogen fertilisers, a rethinking of the nutrient management procedure is essential. However recycling returns not only the nutrients but also potentially hazardous substances such as pathogens and organic pollutants to agricultural fields. This presentation will focus on how we safely can manage these fractions.


Time: 2010-05-25 11:30 - 13:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Stora Loftet
Organiser: Focus on Soils and Water
Last signup date: 20 May 2010
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