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Focus on Soils and Water

The graduate school for PhD-students and researchers who study soil & water resources. 

A research school within the soil and aquatic science community

The aim of this research school is to achieve a higher level of understanding of processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems by organizing a broad variety of high-quality activities and improving co-operation within the soil and aquatic science community.

Some 60 PhD students and 100 researchers spread over three clusters are active within these fields of sciences. The PhD students within FoSW are predominantly studying how soil and water quality is affected by land use and management, climatic change and functional diversity.

PhD courses

The school organizes PhD courses, often with international experts as key-note lecturers.


FoSW organizes seminars, workshops and other activities, for example contact days with the public and private sectors.

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Check out our useful links, guidelines and possibilities to obtain support for the extra costs associated with attending a course or visiting a collaborating institute or department outside SLU.

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