17 Feb

Stora loftet, SLU, Ultuna, Uppsala

Lunch seminar "Soils and Civilizations" by Iain Young

Professor of Environmental Biophysics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, School of Environmental and Rural Sciences, University of New England, Australia <p style="text-align: center;"><img src="http://www.slu.se/Global/externwebben/forskarskolor/focus-soils-water/FoSW_logo.jpg" alt=""></p>

Along with water, soils are the most important natural resource in the planet. Many ancient civilisations whilst recognising this fact were not able to grasp the additional fact that soils are a finite resource. This talk will present the consequences of civilisations, past and present, of failing to take account the fragility of Earths soils. Case studies will be presented and the interactions of the use of soil linked to poor political decisions will be explained in the context of the failure of large populations to survive around the world. The talk will draw on the work of Jarrod Diamond and Timothy Egan.


Time: 2011-02-17 11:30 - 13:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Stora loftet, SLU, Ultuna
Organiser: FOSW
Last signup date: 14 February 2011
Additional info:

Register for lunch (free of charge) by e-mail to Annika Lundberg no later than 14 February 2011. Please inform if you wish vegetarian food or have any food allergies. Lunch is served at 11.30 and the seminar starts at 12.00.

Linnéa Berglund, Evgheni Ermolaev & Carina Ortiz

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