20 Nov


Career Day

09:00          Opening of session 1                                 Renée Båge (KV, SLU)

                      How to get the job of your dreams      Charlotte Ulvros (StepStone)

09:55          Finding your career path                          Johan Runesson (Naturvetarna)

10:30          FIKA

11:00          Opening of session 2                                 Charlotte Hising (SLU Karriär)

                      Marketing your research idea              Ekatarina Medvedeva (spiber) 

11:45          Research and Development -                 Odd Höglund (KV, SLU)
                      then what? From idea to product

12:30          LUNCH

13:30          Opening of session 3                                 Lotta Hansson (FUR, SLU)  

                      Sell your competence as a consultant Sara Muhonen (Equi-nutrition)

14:15          Job inteviews and negotiating your      Fredrike Ritter (AVF)
                      salary - some tips and trix


In collaborations with VH and NL research schools and StepStone
     www.slu.se                             www.stepstone.se 


Time: 2012-11-20 09:00
Location: Loftet
Organiser: VMF and ULS PhD student council
Last signup date: 16 November 2012
Additional info:

The event is primarily for PhD students, master students and post-docs , but all SLU employees and students are very welcome.
For free lunch register to Karin.olofsson@slu.se before the 16th of November.