20 Apr

Mark Vatten & Miljö, Uppsala

Contact Day Private and Public Sectors

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The contact day is an opportunity for PhD students and young scientists to present their research for representatives from different agencies and businesses and vice versa. It is also an opportunity to get insight into career possibilities outside academia after completion of a PhD. Representatives of private and public sectors are offered the opportunity to:

  • Connect with young scientists
  • Get an update of ongoing research within soil and aquatic sciences at SLU
  • Present the company’s or agency’s research strategy
  • Express their needs for soil and aquatic competence
  • Discuss research ideas

The SLU Graduate School Focus on Soils and Water represents a broad competence within soil and aquatic sciences. Presently, about 60 PhD students and 100 scientists are active within FoSW. Information about FoSW members and ongoing research can be found with the following link. Schools web page.

The tentative program includes oral and poster presentations, and discussions Among the speakers are:

  • Prof. Kristina Glimelius, Dean Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, SLU
  • Dr Gustav Johansson, Hydrophyta Ekologikonsult
  • Dr Ebba Tiberg, Environmental Consultant, Golder Associates
  • Dr Ulrika Stensdotter Blomberg Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
  • Dr Ghasem Alavi, Environmental and Safety Services, SMHI
  • Assoc. Prof. Petra Fransson, Dept. of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, SLU
  • PhD students will present their work in posters and oral presentations.
  • Agencies and companies will be given the opportunity to express their need of competence within soil and aquatic sciences.

A more detailed program will be posted soon. The contact day starts with coffee and registration at 8.30. A light lunch will be offered free of charge.

For registration fill in the form under additional links.


Time: 2012-04-20 08:30 - 15:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Mark Vatten & Miljö
Organiser: FOSW
Last signup date: 2 April 2012
Additional info:
Hakan.Marstorp@slu.se, Department of Soil and Environment, SLU




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