23 Oct

Undervisningshuset Ultuna - Lecture hall J, Uppsala

Stakeholder day October 23

Have you as a PhD-student ever asked yourself what possibilities do I have as a PhD in the labor market outside of the university? Then this is an excellent opportunity to get updated!

Who knows, maybe you'll meet a future employer!

Stakeholder day October 23

Place: Undervisningshuset Ultuna - Lecture hall J

Welcome to participate in a seminar hosted by the research schools “Ecology its Basics and Applications” and “Focus on Soils and Water”!

The day will offer presentations by invited speakers from authorities, non-governmental organizations and private companies as well as discussions about the PhD-education and a poster session. We end the day with a panel discussion about the PhD education and working outside the university as a PhD. This activity is arranged to create an opportunity for PhD-students to meet with representatives of important stakeholders and potential future employers.

Invited speakers will share their points of view on several questions such as:

  • What qualities of a PhD do you as an employer most value?
  • What knowledge do you want an employed PhD to have?
  • What questions and research are the most important?
  • Personal experience and reflections.

Between the presentations there will be time for a poster session where stakeholders and students can mingle and discuss about research and work.

If you don’t have time to make a new poster: Bring along that old one you used at a conference or the department symposium!

See the tentative program below.


Time: 2013-10-23 08:30 - 15:45
City: Uppsala
Location: Undervisningshuset Ultuna - Lecture hall J
Organiser: Research schools “Ecology its Basics and Applications” and “Focus on Soils and Water”
Last signup date: 14 October 2013
Additional info:

Register for participating in the Stakeholder day no later than October 14th by sending an e-mail to helena.bylund@slu.se . Please also note if you have any special food preferences or food allergies.

Most welcome!

Lars Andersson, Ulrika Beijer, Helena Bylund, Victor Guaman, Samuel Johnson, Maria Kahlert, Carina Ortiz and Erik Petersson


Tentative program

8.30     Start and welcome!

8.45     Mark Marissink - Naturvårdsverket – Swedish Environmental Protection Agency 

9.15     Karin Höök - SNF , Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

9.45     Coffee and poster session

11.00   Speaker TBA

11.30   Nic Kruys - Enetjärn Natur AB Conservation consultant.

12.00   Lunch together

 Poster session with coffee

13.30          Parallell seminar A                 Parallell seminar B

Martin Larsson                      Eva Stoltz

Vattenmyndigheten                 Hushållningssällskapen,

Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies

14.05          Martin Schmalholz                NN

Stora Enso, International        Länsstyrelsens fiskekonsulenter

Forestry company

14.35  Fika

15:00          Discussion about doctoral studies and the research school with invited representatives from  the stakeholders.

Moderator: Anna Lehrman.

~15.45                                               End of the day!