22 Oct

Lecture hall J, Undervisningshuset, Uppsala

Career outside university for PhD:s, October 22

Have you as a PhD-student ever asked yourself what possibilities do I have as a PhD in the labor market outside of the university? Then this is an excellent opportunity to get updated!

Who knows, maybe you'll meet a future employer!

"Career outside university for PhD:s" day October 22

Place: Undervisningshuset Ultuna - Lecture hall J

Welcome to participate in a seminar hosted by the research schools “Ecology its Basics and Applications” , "Organism Biology" and “Focus on Soils and Water”!

The day will offer presentations by invited speakers from authorities, non-governmental organizations and private companies as well as discussions about the PhD-education and a poster session. We end the day with a panel discussion about the PhD education and working outside the university as a PhD. This activity is arranged to create an opportunity for PhD-students to meet with representatives of important stakeholders and potential future employers.

Invited speakers will share their points of view on several questions such as:

  • What qualities of a PhD do you as an employer most value?
  • What knowledge do you want an employed PhD to have?
  • What questions and research are the most important?
  • Personal experience and reflections.

Between the presentations there will be time for a poster session where stakeholders and students can mingle and discuss about research and work.

If you don’t have time to make a new poster: Bring along that old one you used at a conference or the department symposium!


Time: 2014-10-22 08:00 - 16:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Lecture hall J, Undervisningshuset
Organiser: Reserach schools
Additional info:


Introduction to Carrer day

Register for participating no later than October 14th by sending an e-mail to  Maria Kahlert. Please also note if you have any special food preferences or food allergies. 


Most welcome!

Helena Bylund, Johanna Boberg, Maria Kalhert and Carina Ortiz