5 Feb

Loftets stora sal, Uppsala

Lunch Seminar "Quantifying the Contributions of Roots and the Mycorhizosphere to Organic Matter Decomposition”

By Adrien Finzi, Professor of Biology at Boston University

Adrian Finzi is a professor of Biology at Boston University whose research focuses on biogeochemistry and global change primarily in forest ecosystems and peatlands. [From his personal website]: “My research is primarily field based using observational and experimental approaches. I am particularly interested in how interspecific differences in resource uptake and loss affect the distribution of carbon and nitrogen in terrestrial ecosystems. I am also interested in the interaction between microbial activity and forest dynamics. Thus my perspective is generally integrative, focusing on how the different components of an ecosystem (soils, microbes, plant species) interact with the physical environment to affect biogeochemical cycling.”


Time: 2016-02-05 12:00 - 13:30
City: Uppsala
Location: Loftets stora sal
Last signup date: 3 February 2016
Additional info:

Register for lunch (free of charge) by e-mail to Preeti no later than 3rd of February at 12:00. Please inform if you have any food allergies/restrictions. Lunch will be served before the seminar at 11:30 in Loftets stora sal.