Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES)

SITES is a national research infrastructure for terrestrial and limnological field research, open to all scientists. SITES extends throughout Sweden with different ecosystems and climatic zones, from agriculture lands, forest, cultivated forest to mires, streams, lakes and alpines.

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Krycklan is a unique research site for studying the relationships between hydrological, biogeochemical, and ecological processes in the same ecosystem . It is one of the most instrumented and

SLU Grimsö Wildlife Research Station

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station is located in Bergslagen, Lindesberg municipality. Research on wild animals and birds, as well as wildlife monitoring are conducted here. The Wildlife Damage Centre

Environmental Assessment

The staff carries out long-term measurements of climate, soil conditions, ozone, precipitation chemistry, and runoff chemistry in order to provide projects performed in the experimental plots with

Phenology and Berry Crop Forecast

Field observations of selected plants and berry crop yield forecasts are included as part of the environmental assessment of changes in vegetation, forest condition, soil, water, and climate.

Experimental Forests

The research sites of Svartberget are found at several places within Vindeln and Gällivare municipalities in Norrbotten County. Our experimental forests are important research infrastructures for


The goal of the research at Flakaliden is to demonstrate the upper limits of productivity of Norway spruce in Northern Sweden when neither nutrients nor water are limiting growth. Since 1987,

ICOS Svartberget

The Svartberget atmospheric and ecosystem station measures the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the gas exchange between the atmosphere and forest ecosystems. The station

Experimental forests

The research stations provide land for various types of field trials, and take responsibility for installation, maintenance and data collection. Changes in vegetation, forest status and environmental

Krycklan Infrastructure

Krycklan Infrastructure

Krycklan is an integral part of the Svartberget field research infrastructure, which belongs to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The Krycklan catchment encompasses the natural

Vindeln Experimental Forests

Svartberget is a center for forest field research in northern Sweden. It provides key infrastructures for field research on mire ecosystems, catchments, and productive pine and spruce stands. The

Dairy Research Barn

At Röbäcksdalen about 2 km from Umea city center there is a national center for ruminant research. The research barn offers an excellent environment for evaluation and feeding of forages for



The sample prep lab is situated at the field station at Röbäcksdalen. It includes a sample preparation room, drying cabinets and a milling room. In the field station's office building there is also a