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Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES)

SITES is a national research infrastructure for terrestrial and limnological field research, open to all scientists. SITES extends throughout Sweden with different ecosystems and climatic zones, from agriculture lands, forest, cultivated forest to mires, streams, lakes and alpines.

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Krycklan is a unique research site for studying the relationships between hydrological, biogeochemical, and ecological processes in the same ecosystem . It is one of the most instrumented and

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Vindeln Experimental Forests

Svartberget is a center for forest field research in northern Sweden. It provides key infrastructures for field research on mire ecosystems, catchments, and productive pine and spruce stands. The

Sample preparatory lab

The sample prep lab is situated at the field station at Röbäcksdalen. It includes a sample preparation room, drying cabinets and a milling room. In the field station's office building there is also a

Spectral techniques

Spectral techniques are becoming more available and useful for measuring things in a non-destructive way. At Röbäcksdalen we have different types of spectral techniques available for use. The

Dairy Research Barn

At Röbäcksdalen about 2 km from Umea city center there is a national center for ruminant research. The research barn offers an excellent environment for evaluation and feeding of forages for

More about SITES

The infrastructure at Röbäcksdalen has excellent conditions for teaching, research, and applied studies in crop production, soil science, climate studies, feeding of forages, and ecosystem studies in

SITES Röbäcksdalen

Ecosystem science in an agricultural landscape SITES Röbäcksdalen SITES is a nationally co-ordinated infrastructure for terrestrial and limnological field research. The network extends throughout

Bee hives

At SITES Röbäcksdalen there are opportunities to study the Nordic bee. Our bees are a part of SITES (Swedish infrastructure for ecosystem science) and is a resource for national and international

SITES Spectral

The SITES Spectral monitoring program captures the seasonal and ion between year variation in the vegetation of different ecosystems. The data is relevant for different processes in the eciosystems,


In SITES water we collect infromation from lakes and streams. At Röbäcksdalen two creeks, Degernäsbäcken and Röbäcken, are used for sampling. Degernäsbäcken and Röbäcken run through our argicultural

Röbäcksdalen Field Research Station

The field research station carries out the official variety trials of forage crops, cereals and potatoes. Several long-term experiments are under the management of the field station, including