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Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW)

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NordCAW seminar 2023

Welcome to the NordCAW seminar on Horse Welfare in relation to the use of horses in equestrian sport. Equestrian sports engage many people, but faces several challenges, both in terms of protecting

Registration for NordCAW seminar 2023

Seminar on Horse Welfare in equestrian sport, in Uppsala, Sweden, on November 29th. Last day for registration, November 20th.

Contact SCAW

Contact us SCAW scaw@slu.se Contact Point Slaughter SCAW.kontakt.slakt@slu.se Prof. Lotta Berg, CV Manager, Responsible for Contact Point Slaughter Lotta.Berg@slu.se Tel: 0511-67 107 Dr. Elin

Members of the Scientific Council

Lotta Berg, Chairman, professor, Department of Animal Environment and Health, Swedish centre for animal welfare Linda Keeling, professor, Department of Animal Environment and Health Mikaela Lindberg

WOAH Collaborating Centre

The Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW), together with the Italian counterpart, IZSAM, forms a joint WOAH Collaborating Centre for animal welfare.

Animal based welfare indicators

SCAW has worked together with representatives from the other Nordic countries to develop material about animal based welfare indicators. A group of representatives from Nordic countries have

About SCAW

SCAW is a national center for animal welfare, located at SLU. Our mission is to provide continuing education and to relay scientifically based knowledge to authorities and other actors.

EFSA reports

EFSAs' reports about animal welfare at the time of slauther and killing Here you will find links to EFSAs' reports related to animal welfare at slaughter and killing: Slaughter of animals: poultry

More material on slaughter and killing

EU material In some cases, there are stricter national regulations than in the EU. If Swedish regulations are stricter, these are the ones that apply in Sweden. The EU material below should therefore

SCAW:s steering group

The steering group consists of 5 regular members from SLU who are qualified researchers. The steering group also has 5 co-opted members representing competent authorities, the Ministry of Enterprise

SCAW:s mission

The National Center for Animal Welfare, SCAW, was established in 2008 to gather expertise, and coordinate activities, in the field of animal welfare. Expert function SCAW regularly responds to


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