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Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

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UPSC Seminarium med Andrew Friend & Kaisa Nieminen

UPSC Seminar with Kaisa Nieminen anne.honsel@slu.se Novel prospects for birch genetics and breeding 9:00 Kaisa Nieminen Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme, University of

Dissertation Sonja Viljamaa

Carbon allocation in aspen trees charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Sonja Viljamaa defends her thesis "Carbon allocation in aspen trees". Welcome! Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology P-O

Large Wallenberg grant to Stéphanie Robert for studies on how plant cells get their "identity"

Professor Stéphanie Robert of SLU will lead a research project awarded over SEK 32 million by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The aim is to explore how plant cells get their "identity", how

UPSC Seminar with Marie Barberon

UPSC Seminar with Marie Barberon ane.honsel@slu.se Title: Plasticity of root permeability for nutrient acquisition Marie Barberon Department of Botany and Plant Biology, University of Geneva,

Medals for Distinguished Service to Blokhuis, Garcia-Gil and Bertram

SLU annually awards three Medals for Distinguished Service. This year the Great Medal is awarded to Professor Harry Blokhuis. The smaller Gold Medal is awarded to Associate Professor Rosario

UPSC Seminar: Mateusz Majda

UPSC Seminar with Mateusz Majda anne.honsel@slu.se Titel: The mechanical control of plant growth   Mateusz Majda Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland   Host

UPSC Seminar: Hakim Mireau

UPSC Seminar with Hakim Mireau anne.honsel@slu.se Title: The OGU-INRA cytoplasmic male sterility system in rapeseed: from genes to molecular modes of action   Hakim Mireau Université Paris-Saclay

Open Meeting FDC

Open meeting SLU Skogsskadecentrum katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the Open Meeting of the SLU Forest Damage Centre on 19-20 January at the Aronsborg conference centre in Bålsta. The meeting is

Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

We are part of Umeå Plant Science Centre. Our main activities are academic research in experimental plant biology with the major goal to understand all aspects of plants in relation to the

Plant Breeding – The key to food security and improved foods

Plant Breeding – The key to food security and improved foods malin.planting@slu.se In honour of the 2022 Bertebos Prize Laureate, Professor Rodomiro Ortiz, the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture

Aspens are passive savers in times of plenty

Aspen trees are not relying on their starch reserves when grown under benign conditions. This is shown in a new study with modified aspen defective in starch synthesis. The starch-lacking trees were

Fertilisation reshapes the tree-fungi relationship in boreal forests

How do nutritional changes affect the interaction between trees and soil microorganisms? This has long remained a black box but a new study has shed light onto this cryptic association. It shows that