8 Mar

Tammsalen, Campus Ultuna (SLU), Campus Ultuna

Kvinnomaraton - Symposium for women in research

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Are you a female researcher interested in meeting other female researchers to network and discuss common interests? Welcome to The Society of Women Researchers annual event Kvinnomaraton! The Karin Westman Berg Prize for gender research will be awarded, and it will also feature speakers covering various research topics.

The Society organises an annual symposium - Kvinnomaraton, during which the Karin Westman Berg Prize for gender research is awarded. This year's event will showcase speakers covering various topics who will share their experiences and research findings.

Join the event and listen to inspiring talks on gender equality, psychology, research, and science presented by outstanding researchers from Uppsala University and SLU.

No need to register - just show up! Welcome!

invitation to kvinnomaraton March 8, 2024


Time: 2024-03-08 16:00 -
City: Campus Ultuna
Location: Tammsalen, Campus Ultuna (SLU)
Organiser: The Society for Women Researchers in Uppsala (SLU, UU)
Additional info:

The Society of Women Researchers at Uppsala University (Föreningen för kvinnliga forskare i Uppsala) aims to be a meeting place for researchers who identify as female, enable interdisciplinary contacts and collaborations, protect the rights of researchers, and promote equal career opportunities for women and men in academia. 


The programme will be updated with more info soon.

16:00 Intro by the Board of FKF
Föreningen för kvinnliga forskare i Uppsala

16:05 Award Karin Westman Berg Prize for gender research
Petra Gröminger
Stipendiesekreterare, Frederika Bremer’s Association Scholarship Foundation

16:15 Presentation by Tram Pham
Department of Economics, UU

16:35 Bensträckare/short break

16:40 Presentation by Marie Dallby
Center of Gender Research, UU

17:00 Presentation by Judith Felten
Department of Forest Mycology & Plant Pathology, SLU

17:15 Presentation by Nadia Maaroufi
Department of Soil and Environment, SLU

17:30 Presentation by Yuna Lototska
Department of Informatics and Media, UU

17:45 Presentation by Anna Khanukaeva
Department of Sociology, UU