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SLU Future forests

SLU Future Forests is a multi-disciplinary forest research programme at SLU.

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The Wallenberg Initiative in Forestry Research (WIFORCE) is a comprehensive basic research initiative at the Faculty of Forest Sciences. We aim to generate knowledge for the future use and

Forest Biology and Biotechnology Research Programme

Umeå Plant Science Centre is a centre for experimental plant research between Umeå University and SLU. At UPSC there is a WIFORCE Research Programme where basic plant research is taken all the way to

Future Silviculture Research School

The Research School in Future Silviculture brings together WIFORCE:s research programmes with several departments at the Faculty of Forest Sciences. The research school will be comprised of some 50

Future Silviculture Research Programme

tejshree.tiwari@slu.se Denna webbsida är under uppbyggnad, vänligen ha tålamod. För mer information om UPSC, se här https://www.upsc.se large


“The preliminary program will be posted early in 21025. If you have suggestions for sessions topics or keynote speakers, please write to the conference at biogeomon2026@slu.se”   tejshree.tiwari@


Since 1987, this conference series has provided a forum to explore place-based ecosystem science grounded on observations from the bio-, hydro-, geo- and atmo- spheres. (That explains the “MON” in

Abstract Submission

“Abstract submission will open in April 2025”   tejshree.tiwari@slu.se large black

Travel and Accommodation

 “Detailed information about conference accommodation will appear in April 2025. But if you want to learn about getting to Umeå, please check this link:   https://visitumea.se/en/travel  and the what


12th BIOGEOMON International Symposium on Ecosystem Biogeochemistry June 8-12 2026 Umeå, Sweden

Climate Conversation for SLU staff

How can we produce food throughout the country in the shadow of climate change? futurefood@slu.se We welcome researchers, other staff and students at SLU to this internal webinar within SLU's


 “Registration will open in April  2025”   tejshree.tiwari@slu.se large black

Focus on Forests: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Early Career Researchers

henrik.j.persson@slu.se Workshop on interdisciplinary research projects with a focus on forest and the forest sector, specially designed for early-career researchers. Major funding bodies are