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SLU Future Forests

Future Forests is a multi disciplinary forest research platform driven by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå University and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden.

Beautiful and Ugly Forest

The Swedes keep the forest close to their hearts and many use the forest for rest and recreation. But what kind of forest do people find beautiful? And how do they feel about clear-cuts? Would you consider taking your wedding photo in the forest?

Varied Forestry

There was a time when the Swedish Government campaigned that clearcut forestry was a winning concept and best for society. Now other voices are heard – one of the Government’s environmental goals is a more varied forestry. But what is that?

A Rapidly Changing Forest

An observant driver noticed brown sections on young pines along the way from Arlanda Airport. It turned out to be a large out-break of the fungal disease Diplodia pinea. The disease, which is new for Sweden is spread by the wind.

The Forest’s Role in a New Climate

Those who want to conserve the forest and those who want to utilize the forest more intensively both use climate arguments to strengthen their cause. Who is right? How can we use the forest to mitigate climate change?

350 peer reviewed publications

NOVEMBER 2016. Since the start in 2009 Future Forests have now published more than 350 peer reviewed publications!

Field trip with His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf

SEPTEMBER 2016. His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf attended Future Forests’ excursion in Vindeln September 1st 2016. The theme for the field excursion was “Future Forests - Resarch on Forestry and Society”. The excursion was led by Professor Annika Nordin, Program Director and Professor Camilla Sandström, Vice Program Director, together with Future Forests’ researchers.

Future Forests engaged leading politicians at Almedalen Week

Almedalen Week is an eight day political conference in Sweden that attract over 20.000 people and among them Swedens leading politicians. Researchers from Future Forests presented scientific results and Future Forests adressed hot topics in forest politics and engaged among others the Minister for rural affairs Sven-Erik Bucht, the former minister for rural affairs Eskil Erlandsson and the state secretary Elisabeth Backteman.

Interview with Future Forests’ Program Director professor Annika Nordin

MAY 2016. In Mistras' Annual Report from 2016 Future Forests’ Program Director professor Annika Nordin was interviewed about Future Forests achievments.

"A novel and effective approach to stakeholder engagement and interdisciplinary research”

APRIL 2016. In an international evaluation, Future Forests was acknowledged to have created a good atmosphere for interdisciplinary research collaborations and collaborations with society. Comment from the panel: “Future Forests is the largest forest research initiative in the history of Sweden and it has taken a novel and effective approach to stakeholder engagement and interdisciplinary research”. Download report.

Front cover of Ambio special issue from Future Forests.

Special Issue in Ambio

JANUARY 2016. Future Forests: Pathways to sustainable use is the title of a special issue of Ambio where Future Forests present 14 articles that illustrate the interdisciplinary approach of the research programme.

Hannerz, M., Nordin, A., Sandström, C., Laudon, H. (eds.) 2016. Future Forests: Pathways to sustainable use. Ambio, 45(Supplement 2): S69-S234.

Future Forests at the World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa

SEPTEMBER 2015. At the XIV WFC in Durban September 7-11 2015 Future Forests'  side event “Future Forests – exploring integrated solutions on multiple challenges” presented research and an international panel: State Secretary Elisabeth Backteman from Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden, Bernard de Galembert, Innovation and Bioeconomy Director at CEPI, Yemi Katerere, Director for Change, WWF Africa Programme and Professor Vanclay Southern Cross University/IUFRO.

Book release at IBFRA Conference in Rovaniemi, Finland

MAY 2015. At the 17th IBFRA conference on May 24-29 2015 in Rovaniemi, Finland Future Forests organized sessions, gave presentations and introduced the book The Future Use of Nordic Forests, edited by Erik Westholm, SLU, Karin Beland Lindahl, LTU, and Florian Kraxner, IIASA.

Future Forests at the IUFRO World Congress

OCTOBER 2014. Future Forests was represented by some 20 researchers sharing research results and ideas with international colleagues at the IUFRO (International Union of Forests Research Organizations) World congress October 5-11 2014. Future Forests arranged sessions, held presentations and presented posters at the congress which is organized every 5th year and attracts some 2500 international forest researchers.

Future Forests initiated a participative back-casting project

DECEMBER 2013. Future Forests invited particpants from a wide array of forest companies, organisations and authorities to take part in a participatory back-casting project. The aim was to identify desired forest futures of key actor groups, displaying current and potential future conflicts. The results of the study have been published in Ambio and presented on numerous occations to the public and research community.

Future Forests formed four thematic reference groups

OCTOBER 2013. In order to invite stakeholders to provide their perspectives on the research and results, Future Forests initiated four thematically organized reference groups in connetction to the four research components: Future Silviculture, Forest soils and water, Climate change mitigation and adaptation and Governing conflicting demands. The picture was taken during an excursion in Vindeln.

Future Forests entered phase II

JANUARY 2013. Following the mid-term review in 2012 the program was re-organized to further increase efficiencies and to strengthen the interdisciplinary approach as well as the stakeholder engagement that has been developed within the program in order to tackle complex research questions. Read the Programme plan Phase 2.

Future Forests at Rio+20

JUNE 2012. Program director Professor Annika Nordin represented Future Forests at Rio+20 together with a delegation from SLU on behalf of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Future Forests and SLU had a permanent exhibition at the Swedish pavilion. In the picture is also Professor Tomas Lundmark, former dean at the Forest Faculty of SLU and Björn Merkell, international coordinator at the Swedish Forest Agency.

Special issue in Forests

AUGUST 2011. Future Forests was invited to publish a special issue of Forests, an international and cross-disciplinary scholarly journal of forestry and forest ecology. Editors: Professor Jon Moen, Umeå university and Sune Linder, SLU.

Future Forests from the start

JANUARY 2009. Future Forests was initiated in 2009 as a joint research effort between The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå University and The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden (Skogforsk) and with funding from Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, and from Swedish forest industry companies. The picture shows one of the first meetings with Future Forests. Read the original programme plan.

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