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SLU Future Forests

Future Forests is a platform for interdisciplinary forest research and research communication. The platform is a collaboration between SLU, Umeå University and Skogforsk. We are one of SLU's four future platforms.
A woman is standing by a tree trunk with a measuring tool. Photo.

En plattform för tvärvetenskaplig skogsforskning

Future Forests encompasses the importance of forests and forestry for the development of a biobased economy as well as climate adaptation and the various ecosystem services that forests offer. Decision-making processes, where different groups' perspectives on forestry are taken into account, are also included in the activities.

Published: 05 April 2022 - Page editor: teresia.borgman@slu.se

Emma Holmström, Program Director for Future Forests
emma.holmstrom@slu.se, 040-415114

Teresia Borgman, Communications Officer for Future Forests
teresia.borgman@slu.se, 090-78 68 154, 0730-37 59 82