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SLU Future Forests

Future Forests is a platform for interdisciplinary forest research and research communication. The platform is a collaboration between SLU, Umeå University and Skogforsk. We are one of SLU's four future platforms.

A woman is standing by a tree trunk with a measuring tool. Photo.

A platform for interdisciplinary forest research

Future Forests encompasses the importance of forests and forestry for the development of a biobased economy as well as climate adaptation and the various ecosystem services that forests offer. Decision-making processes, where different groups' perspectives on forestry are taken into account, are also included in the activities.

Climate Conversations

Future Forests arranges a climate conversations series together with SLU:s other Future Platforms and SLU Global. Next Climate Conversations will take place on April 27th (Illustration: Fredrik Saarkoppel)

Planet Earth Illustration.

Researcher residency this fall

The four Future platforms invite SLU researchers for two days’ discussions on transdisciplinary research. The researcher residency will take place between September 19-20th. Last day for application is June 22nd.

Reindeer in midnight sun. Photo.

Urban Forests

Urban trees and forests contribute to making cities socio-economically and environmentally more sustainable. This is a transdisciplinary field where the two platforms SLU Urban Futures and Future Forests meet and collaborate to identify knowledge gaps and new research questions.

Trees in autumn colours and a person walking on a pathway.

Forest Social

Forest Social is Future Forests’ lecture series for all students from SLU and Umeå University. The series aims to inspire interdisciplinary perspectives on the forest and explore the relationships between forests and society.

People being in a forest
Published: 17 January 2024 - Page editor: henrik.j.persson@slu.se

Emma Holmström, Program Director for Future Forests
emma.holmstrom@slu.se, 040-41 51 14

Henrik Persson, Communications Officer for Future Forests
henrik.j.persson@slu.se, 090-786 85 16, 076-126 73 22