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Swedish National Forest Inventory

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EU:s nya markdirektiv har potential men kräver ändringar

The European Commission's proposal for a directive to protect and restore soil, the Soil Monitoring Law, has the potential to contribute to more sustainable land use. In the long term, it would

TaxWebb modified

TaxWebb is the popular interactive analysis tool from the Swedish NFI that enables customized statistics for any user. Until now, TaxWebb has enabled estimates for productive forest land outside

New maps enable tracking of carbon stocks

Data and maps on carbon stocks are hard to come by and typically require processing by expert researchers. Thanks to a joint project between SLU and National forest data lab, these are now available

Official statistics

Here you'll find official statistics on the state and development of Swedish forests. SLU is responsible for official statistics on Swedish forests and their state and development. The Swedish

Conclusions from forest monitoring workshop

Final summary and conclusions from February’s workshop on forest monitoring have now been published. Impressions were generally positive. SLU organized a workshop at campus Ultuna in February, titled

How the Swedish NFI handles open data

The Swedish national forest inventory – Riksskogstaxeringen – with its uniquely long time series, has developed its own way of working with open data, combining openness with confidentiality. 2023

ICP Forests: pioneers on tree health monitoring

A fear of dying and declining forests kickstarted ICP Forests – a 40-year-old programme for monitoring air pollution, and a great example of how global programmes can be harmonised with national ones

Riksskogstaxeringen korrigerar statistik om skogens tillväxt

I förberedelserna inför årets publikation har vi gjort två justeringar i beräkningsrutinerna för trädens tillväxt som föranleder oss att nu, det vill säga redan innan nästa ordinarie

NRS Ungsskogsinventering 2022

På uppdrag av Skogsstyrelsen har SLU inom ramen för NRS (Nationell riktad skogsskadeövervakning) inventerat ungskogar i norra Sverige. Resultaten visar att nästan 40 procent av ungskogen i Sveriges

Is the growth of our forests getting worse?

What is the growth status of Swedish forests? Can Sweden live up to its climate pledges? We spoke to SLU experts on forest growth to find out what is happening – and what we might expect. SLU

The Swedish National Forest Inventory

SLU National Forest Inventory About the Swedish NFI 101 years of experience in forest inventory The Swedish National Forest Inventory has the task of describing the state and changes in Sweden's

Forest statistics