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Swedish National Forest Inventory

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Riksskogstaxeringen korrigerar statistik om skogens tillväxt

I förberedelserna inför årets publikation har vi gjort två justeringar i beräkningsrutinerna för trädens tillväxt som föranleder oss att nu, det vill säga redan innan nästa ordinarie

NRS Ungsskogsinventering 2022

På uppdrag av Skogsstyrelsen har SLU inom ramen för NRS (Nationell riktad skogsskadeövervakning) inventerat ungskogar i norra Sverige. Resultaten visar att nästan 40 procent av ungskogen i Sveriges

Is the growth of our forests getting worse?

What is the growth status of Swedish forests? Can Sweden live up to its climate pledges? We spoke to SLU experts on forest growth to find out what is happening – and what we might expect. SLU

The Swedish National Forest Inventory

SLU National Forest Inventory About the Swedish NFI 100 years of experience in forest inventory The Swedish National Forest Inventory has the task of describing the state and changes in Sweden's

Contrary to claims in Nature, harvested area did not increase abruptly

In July 2020 Nature published some surprising results showing an abrupt increase in harvested forest area in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries. A new study provides empirical insights into

Forest statistics



Do you have questions regarding the data collected by the Swedish National Forest Inventory? Or perhaps you would like help with a custom analysis? Don't hestiate in contacting us! Cornelia Roberge,

About the NFI

The Swedish National Forest Inventory has the task of describing the state and changes in Sweden's forests. The information collected is used, for example, as a basis for forestry, energy and

Environmental analysis data as a basis for research on large-scale changes in woodland vegetation

Numbers are down for the forest’s blueberry bushes and up for herbs such as sorrel and several fern species. Using long data series from the permanent areas of the Swedish National Forest Inventory,

PFS0162 - Data for est & modelling

This PhD course provide provides students with knowledge of different types of available environmental monitoring data and how these could be used in research and for environmental monitoring. Apply