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The Swedish National Forest Inventory

Forest statistics 2024

Download the latest official statistics in pdf-format (in Swedish with English headings in tables and figures)

Man inventorying species. Photo.


Test our interactive analysis tool! TaxWebb is available in both an English and Swedish version

Offical statistics

The latest official statistics containing analysis as well as downloadable tables and diagrams


SLU Forest Map

Full coverage forest information based on a combination of inventory and satellite data

About the Swedish NFI

101 years of experience in forest inventory

The Swedish National Forest Inventory has the task of describing the state and changes in Sweden's forests. The information collected is used, for example, as a basis for forestry, energy and environmental policy in Sweden.

Data from the Swedish National Forest Inventory is part of Sweden's official statistics.


Latest from the Swedish NFI

Published: 01 September 2022 - Page editor: riksskogstaxeringen@slu.se

The Swedish National Forest Inventory, Department of Forest Resource Management

Program Manager: Cornelia Roberge

Division Manager: Jonas Dahlgren

Postal address: Department of forest resource management, SLU, S-901 83 Umeå 
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå, Sweden
e-mail: Riksskogstaxeringen@slu.se