CRU workshops

Last changed: 24 November 2021

2017-09-21 "Can we identify super sires by sperm quality evaluation?"

2017-03-09 "3I: Immunity, inflammation and infection in reproductive tissues" (in collaboration with SLU’s research school GS-VMAS)

2014-12-04--05 “Infection control in equine breeding farms” (in collaboration with SLU’s research platform Future Animal Health and Welfare)

2014-04-03 “Multivariate data analysis”

2013-05-21 “Epigenetics and Bioinformatics”

2013-02-06 “Introduction to multivariate data analysis”, associate professor Katrin Lundstedt-Enkel, Uppsala University and AcureBio AB

2012-02-16--17 “Reproduction and epigenetics”

2011-09-02 “Methods for studying immunology and bacteriology in reproductive organs”

2010-09-30 “Reproduction in wild animals”

2010-08-20 “Epigenetics”


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