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What is Ethics?

Ethics concerns questions about right or wrong, both in one's professional and private life. May we sacrifice one person to save many others? What is a good human being? Are there universal moral truths? In environmental and animal ethics questions about humans’ relationship to nature and the environment, for instance: Is meat eating morally defensible? Is it unethical to grow genetically modified crops? How should then interests of an endangered species of animal be treated in the planning of a new infrastructure project?

Ethics at SLU

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has two lecturers in ethics, Per Sandin who is Senior Lecturer in Bioethics and Environmental Ethics, and Helena Röcklinsberg who is Senior Lecturer in Animal Ethics. We contribute to teaching and training at all levels, and we are delighted to participate in courses, public talks, student events, and so on.

Published: 03 April 2024 - Page editor: josefina.zidar@slu.se