Conference tracks

Last changed: 08 December 2016


Contributors to this track are invited to explore the role and multiple meanings of ‘ecology’ in Landscape Urbanism, analysing and discussing, for example, the (implications of the) largely unwittingly produced multiplicity of concepts of ‘ecology’, the anesthetisation of ecology and the ecologisation of aesthetics, potentials and dangers of the ecosystem service approach, as well as the relationship between (landscape) ecology and (green or hybrid) infrastructure.


Contributions in this track are invited to think through the fate and status of the notion of the aesthetic in Landscape Urbanism, exploring, for instance, whether Landscape Urbanism is truly indifferent to aesthetics or simply advancing a new aesthetic, (mis)understandings of the notion of the aesthetic revealed by its explicit rejection, and the role of diagrams, and/or images and representations in Landscape Urbanism.


Contributions to this track are invited to discuss interpretations and applications of Landscape Urbanism beyond North America. We seek papers that challenge and enrich Landscape Urbanist discourse, for example: from a postcolonial perspective, by either discussing how it can be renewed both for and from the margins, the ‘Global South’; or by illuminating discourses similar to Landscape Urbanism which have been developed in other countries and cultures in the ‘Global North’.


Furthermore, we welcome papers that contribute to historical reflection, theoretical sharpening, or practical application of Landscape Urbanism but that do not fit any of the above outlined thematic foci. Topics could include pedagogical issues, compare theoretical with practical issues, or critically chronicle the historiography of Landscape Urbanism. 


With this track we open up for design critics’ and researchers’ investigations ‘within’ or ‘upon’ projects and urban transformations inspired by Landscape Urbanism in all possible ways. In this session we propose a dedicated platform to the authors who are explicitly interested in critique as an academic genre for the evaluation of practice works. 


With this track we open up for practitioners’ presentations of projects and urban transformations inspired by Landscape Urbanism in all possible ways. In practice landscape architecture, urban planning and management tasks are often mixed up. Offices are increasingly offering cross-sectorial services. Does that suffice to call the result “Landscape Urbanism”? Is the addition leading to something that is more than the sum of its parts, in practice?


With this track we invite projects and other explorations into the practice of landscape urbanism that communicate their findings – not in a paper – but in an exhibition. Thus the track, in addition, seeks to understand the modes of representation that might have emerged in practice through the concept of landscape urbanism.    


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