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SLU Meny - with focus on flexible education

SLU Meny works primarily to develop methods for business professionals. One such method is web-based training and it is used in most of SLU Meny's activities. 

Certificate of competence for horse transportations

SLU Meny offers a quick and easy way to obtain a certificate of competence for horse transporters. The course is approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture for certificates of competence in accordance with the EU Regulation EC 1/2005.

Food Hygiene - basic course

Menylicence in food hygiene has been renamed. New name, same course. An eight-hour web-based basic training in food hygiene for everyone who handles food.

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Animal welfare at slaughter

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has approved SLU Meny as training coordinator and holder of final tests for certificates of competence regarding slaughter and other types of killing.

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Hopefully you find answers here

We have collected the answers to the most common questions about our courses. Take a look if there you wonder about something.

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Published: 20 April 2022 - Page editor: anna-karin.johnson@slu.se