Animal welfare at slaughter under EC 1099/2009

Last changed: 02 May 2023
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Slaughter and killing shall be carried out in a safe and animal welfare manner. Euthanization Regulation EC 1099/2009 requires proof of competence for slaughterhouse staff. SLU Meny is, approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, organizer of training and final tests for certificates of competence.


With support of the Swedish Board of Agriculture, SLU has developed an open educational resource (OER) which is available in Swedish and English. The material is called DISA, which is an acronyme for “animal welfare at the time of slaughter and other types of killing”, and it is found here: DISA

SLU Meny's course is based on DISA and is offered in two different formats - either solely online or combined with two meetings at SLU in Skara. The course includes a final quiz to be eligible for a certificate of competence. This material is only available in Swedish. 

Distance learning 4700:- (excl VAT)

The DISA modules are complemented by web support on SLU Meny's training platform. The webcast includes recorded lectures, current documents and links, as well as information and practice questions before the final quiz.

Distance learning is ongoing.

The training

includes a theoretical final quiz consisting of multiple choice questions regarding current species of animals. For animal welfare officers

, the test is more extensive. Final quiz can be arranged at SLU in Skara as agreed. It is also possible to write the quiz out at the facilities if the animal welfare responsible staff can act as a test guard. 

Registration for distance learning course, including final quiz

Final quiz 2700:- (excl. VAT)

Companies that are themse

lves approved trainers by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, can report staff only to the final quiz. People who already have proof of competence can only register for the final quiz to supplement with several species of animals. A copy of the certificate of competence must then be attached to the application. (Note: this does not apply to proficiency certificates according to simplified procedure.)


Requiz 1700:- (excl. VAT)

If you do not get approved on the final quiz, there is the possibility to requiz. In that case, you should report separately to this. Email to for more information.

Two-meet training (quote)

The DISA modules are complemented by web support on SLU Meny's training platform (see below) and two meetings at SLU in Skara. The meetings are arranged in the form of workshops with a lot of room for questions and discussions. The course is primarily intended for animal welfare staff. 

  • First meeting; 
    Handling of animals at slaughter, introduction of the DISA modules, study guidance, pedagogical support for training the staff at their own slaughterhouse

    Between the meetings, own loading of the DISA modules and other materials takes place.
  • Second meeting; 
    Collection, discussion and questions, the new regulations. The day ends with a final quiz.

The price includes distributed material, lunch and coffee at both meetings and final exams. The final quiz is written in the data room at SLU.

The course is planned as needed. At least five participants are required for the start of the course. Email to for more info and quote.

Apply for a certificate of competence from the Swedish Board of Agriculture

Please note that it is the Swedish Board of Agriculture that issues the certificate of competence itself. After passing the final quiz, a course diploma is issued. The diploma must then be attached to the application to the Swedish Board of Agriculture. More information about the application can be found at Jordbruksverkets hemsida.

Lost diploma?

Email for more information.

Invoice processing

SLU normally sends out invoices every week. In the case of full-year and half-yearly financial statements (January and July), there is a delay of invoices of up to three weeks. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about course certificate, agreement, invoice or quick handling? You're not the only one. Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


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