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Last changed: 29 February 2024

The aim of SLU RådNu is to contribute to sustainable development by strengthening the capacity of various actors and creating conditions for cooperation and collaboration. We work closely with people with new methods and ways of working. Through our research and teaching, we want to understand, support and participate in innovative change processes. ​

Our mission

  • We want to strengthen the capacity of the actors who, in various ways, contribute to sustainable development.
  • By working with stakeholders at an early stage, we actively participate in development processes.
  • We shape and adapt technical and social innovation, and make sure it is integrated into society in a fair and responsible way.
  • We see communication and new working methods as crucial to succeed in achieving increased sustainability.

We identify similar challenges in different contexts and meet the needs of:

  • strengthened knowledge development and innovation
  • better prerequisites for collaboration and cooperation
  • the ability to go from words to action
  • increased competence
  • new methods and ways of working to manage complexity and conflicts

Methods and learning

SLU RådNu works closely with industry actors. Through research, education and development projects, our goal is to strengthen their capacity - both internally and externally.
We work to increase our common understanding of success factors (research) and to develop methods that are useful in many different contexts (practice). Learning takes place in the processes we work in.

Broad collaborations

Our research group works broadly and happily together with others. For example, we currently work with The Association of Household Societies, Växa Sverige and various county administrative boards. An important cooperation partner is the Västra Götaland region, which has contributed to our financing for many years. In our work, we use methods and ways that our partners can benefit from also in a longer perspective and applying in their own operations futher on.

Focus areas

Sustainable land and water use

Soil health and new farming methods

Pollination and other ecosystem services

Beekeeping and bee health


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