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SLU Urban Futures offers seed funding to stimulate new collaborations and transdisciplinary research projects. It supports multi-/ inter- and transdisciplinary research activities aiming at enhancing urban sustainability.

Seed funding from Food & Cities

Researchers at SLU can apply for seed funding from Food & Cities to develop cross-disciplinary research that examines the systemic relationships between food systems and urban development and how these relationships affect the transformation to sustainable communities.

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Granted projects - autumn 2023

The SLU Urban Futures hub in Ultuna granted funding to three interdisciplinary projects for 50,000 SEK each. The projects explore different aspects of the urban food-energy-water nexus.

Granted projects - spring 2023

In the spring of 2023, SLU Urban Futures issued two seed funding calls; one from the hub in Umeå focusing on Urban Forestscapes and one from the hub in Alnarp focusing on Urban Healthscapes. Six applications were granted funding.

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Apply for seed funding from SLU Urban Futures

SLU Urban Futures will fund activities such as pilot studies, feasibility studies, literature reviews, and consortium-building activities that support the development of transdisciplinary research. Here you find the application guidelines for the open and targeted calls from the platform.

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Previously funded projects and activities

See a list of projects and activities that have received funding from SLU Urban Futures.

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