Academy stewards at SLU

Last changed: 19 April 2023

The academy steward function at SLU is part of the Vice-Chancellor's Office.

According to the university administration’s strategy for 2021-2024 and its operational plan for 2021, the academy stewards’ mission is to:

  • coordinate, plan and carry out academic ceremonies;
  • coordinate, plan and manage official visits, i.e. external, prioritised visits to the university management.

This mission is to be realised in a manner characterised by high competence and strong professionalism, based on the SLU vison of being a world-class university in the fields of environmental sciences. Each ceremony and visit are an opportunity to market SLU, to strengthen the SLU trademark, and are important platforms for creating and developing long-term contacts that contribute to the SLU vision.

Academic ceremonies include the doctoral award ceremony, the installation of new professors and the inauguration of vice-chancellors. The academy stewards are also responsible for the ceremony where the distinction Zeal ous and Devoted Service of the Realm is awarded.

Official visits are primarily prioritised external visits to the university management, e.g. state visits and visits by ambassadors. The academy stewards also advice others within SLU who need support in organising visits.