Medals & awards

Last changed: 19 December 2023

The medals and awards at SLU are traditionally presented at the annual doctoral award ceremony.

The SLU Educational Award

Since 2006, SLU offers two educational awards for “exemplary efforts within education and teaching”. One award is for an individual (teacher, director of studies or equivalent) and the other award is a group prize (teaching team, department or equivalent). Teachers and students can nominate candidates for the awards. 

The SLU Medals for Distinguished Service

SLU's three Medals for Distinguished Service are awarded annually to someone whose efforts "benefit SLU or the sector in which SLU works", or to a young, promising talent in a wide sense.

  • The Great Medal for Distinguished Service is awarded for research efforts deemed "remarkable from an international perspective". 
  • The smaller Gold Medal for Distinguished Service rewards "exemplary, exceptional efforts of lasting value". 
  • The Silver Medal for Distinguished Service is awarded to a young, promising talent at SLU who is encouraged to continue their activities in the same exemplary manner in the future, "preferably within the field of innovation and collaboration".

Vice-Chancellor Mårten Carlsson's Award

Vice-Chancellor Mårten Carlsson’s award is for excellent efforts that have promoted dialogue between society, business and SLU”. It was created in 1995 and is presented every two years. Mårten Carlsson was SLU vice-chancellor  1982–1994. 

The Arvid Lindman Medal

The SLU Board awards the Arvid Lindman medal following nominations from the Faculty of Forest Sciences. The medal is awarded for extraordinarily meritorious scientific research. Arvid Lindman (1862–1936) served as Sweden’s prime minister on two occasions. In addition to politics, Lindman was also passionate about forests and forestry. In 1915, he became the first chair of the Forestry College board.