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Blaize Denfeld

Blaize Denfeld


My primary research aim is to assess impacts of climate change ​on land-water-atmosphere interactions. I focus on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem links, primarily by assessing biogeochemical cycles across scales, spanning from a broader watershed perspective to the underlying microbial processes. I utilize a mix of field and lab based methods, combined with remote sensing and sensor technology to broaden scientific knowledge across space and time. While I have a broad interest in aquatic biogeochemical cycles, I specialize in assessing greenhouse gas dynamics.

Selected publications

Denfeld, B. A.*, M. Ricão Canelhas *, G.A. Weyhenmeyer, S. Bertilsson, A. Eiler & D. Bastviken. 2016. Constraints on methane oxidation in ice-covered boreal lakes. J. of Geophys. Res. Biogeosciences, accepted. 

Ricão Canelhas, M. R.*, B. A. Denfeld*, G.A. Weyhenmeyer, D. Bastviken & S. Bertilsson. 2016. Methane oxidation at the water-ice interface of an ice-covered lake. Limnol. Oceanogr, accepted.

Denfeld, B. A., P. Kortelainen, M. Rantakari, S. Sobek, G.A. Weyhenmeyer. 2015. Regional variability and drivers of below ice pCO2 in boreal and subarctic lakes. Ecosystems, doi:10.1007/s10021-015-9944-z. 

Denfeld, B. A., M. Wallin, E. Sahlée, S. Sobek, J. Kokic, H.E. Chmiel & G.A. Weyhenmeyer. 2015. Temporal and spatial carbon dioxide concentration patterns in a small boreal lake in relation to ice cover dynamics. Boreal Environ. Res. 20: 679-692. 

Chmiel, H. E., J. Kokic, B.A. Denfeld, K. Einarsdottir, M.Wallin, A. Isodorova, B. Koehler, D. Bastviken, M.-E. Ferland & S. Sobek. 2015. The role of lake sediments in the carbon budget of a small boreal lake. Limnol. Oceanogr, accepted. 

Kokic, J., M. Wallin, H.E. Chmiel, B.A. Denfeld & S. Sobek. 2014. Carbon dioxide evasion from headwater systems strongly contributes to the total export of carbon from a small boreal lake catchment. J. of Geophys. Res. Biogeosciences 120: 13-28. 

Denfeld, B.A., K.E. Frey, W.V. Sobczak & R.M. Holmes. 2013. Summer CO2 evasion from streams and rivers in the Kolyma River basin, Northeast Siberia. Polar Research, 32.