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David G. Angeler

David Angeler


Research interests:


Multivariate methods for ecologists


Selection of current projects:

  • Global change, vulnerability and resilience: management option for an uncertain future. Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, Department of Defence, United States of America. Co-PIs: Craig R. Allen, Dirac Twidwell (Univ. Nebraska- Lincoln, USA), David G. Angeler (900 000 US$)
  • Alternative states and resilience. Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet (2014-5828). PI: David G. Angeler, Co-PIs: Craig R. Allen, Martyn Futter, Eva Lindström (2 250 000 SEK)
  • DisEntangling the impacts of multiple Stressors on stream ecosystems (DESTRESS). Swedish Research Council FORMAS (2014-1296). PI: Brendan G. McKie, Co-PIs: David G. Angeler, Maria Kahlert, Ing-Marie Gren, Richard K. Johnson (5 700 000 SEK)
  • August T. Larsson Guest Professorship Programm. NJ Faculty, SLU. Co-PIs: Craig Allen, David Angeler.



Student supervision:

  • Hannah B. Fried-Peterson (SLU, main supervisor)
  • Sophia E. Renes (SLU, main supervisor)
  • Amélie Truchy (SLU, co-supervisor)
  • Kristina Tattersdill (SLU, co-supervisor)
  • Shana M. Sundstrom (UNL, committee)
  • Michael Whitby (UNL, committee)
  • Jessica L. Burnett (UNL, committee)
  • Caleb Roberts Powell (UNL, committee)

Selected publications

  • Angeler, D.G. (2016) Heavy metal music meets complexity and sustainability science. SpringerPlus 5:1637. DOI: 10.1186/s40064-016-3288-9
  • Angeler, D.G. & Allen, C.R. (editors) (2016) Quantifying Resilience. Journal of Applied Ecology 53(3): 617- 698.
  • Chaffin, B.C., Garmestani, A.S., Gunderson, L., Harm Benson, M., Angeler, D.G., Arnold, C.A., Cosens, B., Craig, R.K., Ruhl, J.B. & Allen, C.R. (2016) Transformative environmental governance. Annual Review of Resources and Environment 41: 399-423.
  • Green, O.O., Garmestani, A.S., Allen, C.R., Ruhl, J.B., Arnold, C.A., Gunderson, L.H., Graham, N., Cosens, B., Angeler, D.G., Chaffin, B.C. & Holling, C.S. (2015) Barriers and bridges to the integration of social-ecological resilience and law. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13: 332–337.
  • Nash, K.L, Allen, C.R., Angeler, D.G., Barichievy, C., Eason, T., Garmestani, A.S., Graham, N.A.J., Granholm, D., Knutson, M., Nelson, R.J., Nyström, M., Stow, C.A. & Sundstrom, S.M. (2014) Discontinuities, cross-scale patterns and the organization of ecosystems. Ecology 95(3): 654-667.
  • Allen, C.R., Angeler, D.G., Garmestani, A.S., Gunderson, L.H. & Holling, C.S. (2014) Panarchy: Theory and applications. Ecosystems 17(4): 578-589.

Researcher, Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment; Section for Ecology and Biodiversity
Telephone: +4618673049
Postal address:
Institutionen för vatten och miljö, Box 7050
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala