Last changed: 13 April 2021

The aim is to develop, test and demonstrate a cable-fed electric tractor used for heavy field work to show for farmers and others interested that it is practically feasible to achieve fuel independence while maintaining or improving other performance variables.

For the tractor performance the objectives are:

  • Manageable field size - 200 m lengthwise
  • Energy consumption per hectare (kWh / ha) - a maximum of 50% of current energy consumption
  • Capacity (h / ha) – unchanged
  • Maintenance and reliability – unchanged
  • Maximum power (kW) - unchanged

For the project, communicating the concept's potential is the goal:

  • 20 study visits
  • Participation at two major trade fairs


The project is carried out by Gasilage, SLU, Sweco and Sala Heby Energi. It is funded by the Energy Agency's demonstration program for electric vehicles.