About Waterdrive

Last changed: 19 April 2022
Logotype for WaterDrive. Illustration.

The objective of Waterdrive is to implement new and smarter water management practices in agricultural landscapes reducing nutrient loads in range of 30-50 %. This will be achieved through innovative means of collaboration across sectors in a development context of high ecosystem productivity, resource efficient growth and risk management. SLU is lead partner in the project.

Local authorities, farming communities, agricultural advisory services and other water- and land managers are the main target groups. Activities involves Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

WaterDrive will provide the Baltic Sea Region with:

  1. new tools for cross-sector collaboration,
  2. innovative digital technologies and methods for doing the right thing at the right place,
  3. adapting policies and financing for managing water on landscape level, and
  4. implementing a capacity building program for smart water management in agricultural landscapes of the Baltic Sea Region.

The work to reduce nutrient loadings in WATERDRIVE is integrated with managing risks connected with flooding and drought making it increasingly difficult for food producers to produce our daily food. The most important step in that direction is how to keep the water availability in the agricultural landscape for longer periods.

The partnership represent all target groups and combines local authorities, agricultural advisory services, farmers and land- and water managers with academia.