Agricultural Water Management

Last changed: 12 April 2019

Water is fundamental to all life and for all the processes on and in the soil. The management of water is one of the biggest challenges in agriculture, especially in a world of changing climate that affects the conditions.

The overall objective of our research is to study soil structure and physical properties and to develop and evaluate methods for optimized utilization and management of water in crop production. Both secured food production and enhanced soil and water environment are in focus.

We conduct research on the following topics in Sweden and other countries with varying climate conditions:

  • Land drainage and irrigation for optimized water use
  • Soil erosion and slope stability in open ditches
  • Salinization management
  • Soil conservation and improvement
  • Cultivated organic soils
  • Peri-urban soil and water environment


Group leader

Jennie Barron, Professor


Ingmar Messing, researcher (Professor)

Kerstin Berglund, researcher (Associate Professor)
Abraham Joel, researcher (Associate Professor)
Ingrid Wesström, researcher (Associate Professor))
Örjan Berglund, researcher (PhD)
Youen Grusson, researcher (Postdoc)
Elina Svedberg, Research Assistant
Eric Gustafsson, Research Assistant
Joakim Hermansson, Research Assistant

Laboratory assistants   

Ana Mingot, Laboratory Engineer

PhD students 

Jens Blomquist, PhD student
Mario Chilundo, PhD student
Emilio Magaia, PhD student
Daniel Aviles, PhD student
Benjamin Gossweiler, PhD student
Olive Tuyishime, PhD student


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