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Gender competence for the forestry sector

This is a course that will provide students and professionals a basic understanding of gender within the Swedish forestry sector and offer them analytical tools to, at a practical level, work on issues related to gender, inclusion and equality. After completing the course, the student should be able to utilize gender concepts and tools to analyze and reflect on practical gender equality work in relation to the forestry sector.
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SG0243-40009 - Course evaluation report

Once the evaluation is closed, the course coordinator and student representative have 1 month to draft their comments. The comments will be published in the evaluation report.

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Academic year 2019/2020

Gender competence for the forestry sector (SG0243-40014) 2020-03-25 - 2020-06-07

Academic year 2018/2019

Gender competence for the forestry sector (SG0243-40139) 2019-03-26 - 2019-06-09

SG0243 Gender competence for the forestry sector, 7.5 Credits

Genuskompetens för skogssektorn

Syllabus approved



Forest science Forest Management

Education cycle

Bachelor’s level


Title Credits Code
Introduction to gender in forest and forestry 1.50 1002
Organisation and leadership 1.50 1003
Forest relations 1.00 1004
Project work 3.50 1005

Advanced study in the main field

First cycle, entry requirements only from upper secondary school(G1N)

Grading scale

5:Pass with Distinction, 4:Pass with Credit, 3:Pass, U:Fail The requirements for attaining different grades are described in the course assessment criteria which are contained in a supplement to the course syllabus. Current information on assessment criteria shall be made available at the start of the course.



Prior knowledge

General entry requirements for higher education.





Formats and requirements for examination

  • If the student fails a test, the examiner may give the student a supplementary assignment, provided this is possible and there is reason to do so.
  • If the student has been granted special educational support because of a disability, the examiner has the right to offer the student an adapted test, or provide an alternative assessment.
  • If changes are made to this course syllabus, or if the course is closed, SLU shall decide on transitional rules for examination of students admitted under this syllabus but who have not yet passed the course.
  • For the examination of a degree project (independent project), the examiner may also allow the student to add supplemental information after the deadline. For more information on this, please refer to the regulations for education at Bachelor's and Master's level.

Other information

  • The right to take part in teaching and/or supervision only applies to the course date to which the student has been admitted and registered on.
  • If there are special reasons, the student may take part in course components that require compulsory attendance at a later date. For more information on this, please refer to the regulations for education at Bachelor's and Master's level.

Additional information


Responsible department

Department of Forest Resource Management

Further information

Determined by: Vice dekan S-fak
There are no Grading criteria posted for this course
1) Genus
Author: Mia Eriksson & Lucas Gottzén
ISBN: 9789147088997
Comments: (s. 10-43)
2) En introduktion till genusvetenskapliga begrepp
Author: Anna Lundberg & Ann Werner
Comments: (s. 15-19, 33-38)
3) Naturlikt: människor, djur och växter i SVT:s naturmagasin
Author: Hillevi Ganetz
ISBN: 9789178448548
Comments: (s. 31-36)
4) Den öppna skogen - kön, genus och jämställdhet i skogssektorn
Author: Elias Andersson
ISBN: 9789157696144
6) Det ordnar sig
Author: Anna Wahl, Charlotte Holgersson, Pia Höök & Sophie Linghag
ISBN: 9789144112909
Comments: Tredje upplagan (s. 51-171, 235-293, 295-320)
7) Genusperspektiv på biologi
Author: Ah-King, Malin
Comments: (s. 6-29)
8) Kvinnor och jord: Arbete och ägande från medeltiden till nutid
Author: Britt Liljewall, Kristi Niskanen & Maria Sjöberg
ISBN: 9171084738
Comments: Gun Lidestav - Kräver skogen sin man eller duger en kvinna? (s, 159-173)

Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: Yes The course is offered as a programme course: Forest Science - Master´s Programme Forest Management - Bachelor´s Programme Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 19027 SEK Cycle: Bachelor’s level
Subject: Forest science Forest Management
Course code: SG0243 Application code: SLU-40009 Location: Umeå Distance course: Yes Language: Swedish Responsible department: Department of Forest Resource Management Pace: 50%