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Plants are everywhere: indoors, outdoors, far away and close by. They make us feel well by existing and for example clean the air, be beautiful and smell good. Many of them are eatable and will become food; it is a common sight in house gardens and parks: vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs.

Horticultural Science

Horticultural Science

Do you want to influence and participate in future sustainable production and cultivation of horticultural crops? Our Master's programme Horticultural Science offers a holistic view of managing and renewing the knowledge of sustainable horticultural cultivation systems, where horticultural products are represented in green environments, as food or as raw material for technical products.

Plant Biology for Sustainable Production

Plant biology for Sustainable Production

Plants are of fundamental importance to most types of agricultural and ecological systems. Plant Biology covers many aspects of plant life and crop production, such as plant diseases and how they affect both the yield and quality of products. Knowledge of plant functions and their interaction with their surroundings is necessary for sustainable plant production and hence sustainable development.

Published: 11 May 2021 - Page editor: study@slu.se