Horticultural Science

Published: 16 October 2019

Do you want to influence and participate in future sustainable production and cultivation of horticultural crops? This master's programme offers a holistic view of managing and renewing the knowledge of sustainable horticultural cultivation systems.

In the Master's programme in horticultural science you gain insight into how garden production and cultivation can contribute to a more sustainable society. You also learn basics in innovative technologies that enable pioneering uses of plants.

A change in food consumption towards an increased proportion of vegetarian foods is expected to increase the market for horticultural products. This shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly food consumption creates an increased demand for knowledge about cultivation, cultivation systems and understanding of the importance of plants for human health and well-being.

The UN sustainable development goals in our teaching

Programmes at SLU generate knowledge which contributes to the goals for sustainable development, both in Sweden and internationally. 


The program emphasizes the multidisciplinarity of horticultural science. Courses are developed and jointly implemented by departments with different disciplines, all in order to highlight and explore biological, economical, social as well technical, methodological and theoretical aspects of horticultural science.

The first term of the program has two common courses: Horticultural Systems and Future Challenges, and Product Development and Innovation Systems in Horticulture. The aim of these two courses is to provide a common baseline for all participants. Depending on your previous studies and future plans it is then possible for students to choose between courses that are more natural science oriented, or social science oriented.

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Here you can read the syllabus for the Master's programme Horticultural Science. 

Horticultural Science - Syllabus

Student life

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A master´s degree with a major in Horticultural Science provides the opportunity to work with developmental projects within the horticultural industry, nationally as well as internationally.

Other possible jobs can be exercise of product manager in horticultural firms, authority, counseling, teaching, research and consulting assignments.

Employers may be firms, educational organizations, authorities and consulting business. These studies can also provide opportunities for postgraduate studies. 


Programme scope: 2 years, 120 credits

Next start: Alnarp, sep 2020
Number of admission places: 20

Application period 16 Oct 2019 - 15 jan 2020: All international students
Application period 16 March 2020-15 April 2020: Swedish students and students within EU/EEA

Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens:
First instalment: 67 800 SEK 
Total programme: 271 000 SEK

All applications are made through the Swedish online application service at universityadmissions.se. Find out how to apply and more about the application and admissions process (on our website).


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