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Erling Strandberg

Erling Strandberg
Professor in animal breeding and genetics


My research mainly concerns the genetics of behavior in dogs, dairy cattle genetics and some studies related to developing countries.


I am mainly teaching in the course Animal Genetics - Health, behaviour and welfare and in our introductory breeding courses


I have been involved in several projects that have been aimed at quantifying the amount of genetic variation (and covariation) in various types of traits in various species. The traits studied have been fertility, health, behavior, maternal ability, performance or production, and longevity; and the species dairy cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, and dogs.


• Professor in animal breeding and genetics, SLU, 2003
• Associate professor (Docent) SLU, 1997
• PhD in Animal Breeding (AgrD) SLU, 1991
• Master of Science (Dairy Science) Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1983
• Master of Science in Agriculture (Animal Science) SLU, 1982



Currently I am working with the following PhD-student projects:

  • Phenotypic and genetic characterization, conservation and breeding programs of Creole cattle in Cochabamba and Tarija (Bolivia) - Gabriela Bottani
  • Use of cow genotyping to improve genetic progress, farm profit and food production in Sweden (industry PhD student Christian Bengtsson, VikingGenetics)
  • Crossbreeding in dairy cattle: novel breeding tools for sustainable dairy and beef production - Julie Brastrup Clasen

Recently finished PhD-student projects

  • International breeding programs to improve health in pedigree dogs - Shizhi Wang
  • Comparison of the performance traits between indigenous cattle and its crossbreds in Rwanda- Maximillian Manzi
  • Genetic variation in sensitivity to environmental changes in dairy cattle - Ahmed Ismael Sayed
  • Sustainable breeding strategies for ruminants in Eastern and Southern Africa – Emelie Zonabend König
  • Genetic Variation of In-line Recorded Milkability Traits and Associations with Udder Conformation and Health in Swedish Dairy Cattle - Caroline Carlström

Selected publications

  • Friedrich, J., P. Arvelius, E. Strandberg, Z. Polgar, P. Wiener, and M. J. Haskell. 2018. The interaction between behavioural traits and demographic and management factors in German Shepherd dogs. Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

  • Manzi, M., L. Rydhmer, M. Ntawubizi, C. Karege, and E. Strandberg. 2018. Growth traits of crossbreds of Ankole with Brown Swiss, Holstein Friesian, Jersey, and Sahiwal cattle in Rwanda. Trop Anim Health Prod 50(4):825-830.

  • Manzi, M., L. Rydhmer, M. Ntawubizi, C. Karege, and E. Strandberg.2018.Reproductive performance of Ankole cattle and its crossbreds in Rwanda.Tropical Animal Health and Production

  • Tarekegn, G.M., F. Meutchieye, A. Djikeng, R. Mrode, Z. Edea, B. Liu, W. Zhang, O.A. Mwai, T. Dessie, K. Tesfaye, E. Strandberg, B. Berglund, P. Wouobeng, K. S. Jaures, C. Mutai, S. Osama, A.T. Wolde, J. Birungi. 2019. Genome-wide diversity and demographic dynamics of Cameroon goats and their divergence from east and north African and Asian conspecifics. PLOS One

  • Wang, S., Leroy, G., Malm, S., Lewis, T., Strandberg, E. and Fikse, W.F. 2017. Merging pedigree databases to describe and compare mating practices and gene flow between pedigree dogs in France, Sweden and the UK. J. Anim. Breeding and Genetics 134: 152-161.

  • Wang, S., Leroy, G., Malm, S., Lewis, T., Strandberg, E. and Fikse, W.F. 2017. Genetic correlations of hip dysplasia scores for Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers in France, Sweden and the UK. The Veterinary Journal 226:51-56

  • Wang, S., G. Leroy, S. Malm, T. Lewis, F. Missant, E. Verrier, E. Strandberg, B. Bonnett & D. Laloe. 2018. Breeding policies and management of pedigree dogs in 15 national kennel clubs. The Veterinary Journal. 234, pp.130-135.

  • Zonabend König, E., Ojango, J., Audho, J., Mirkena, T., Strandberg, E., Mwai, O., J. Philipsson, 2017. Live weights, conformation and carcass traits of ram lambs of Red Maasai and Dorper sheep and their crosses. Tropical Animal Health and Production 49(1):121-129.

  • Zonabend König, E., Strandberg, E., Ojango, J., Mirkena, T., Okeyo, A.M., Philipsson, J. 2017. Purebreeding of Red Maasai and crossbreeding with Dorper sheep in different environments in Kenya. J. Animal Breeding and Genetics 134:531-544

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