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Friday Nwabueze Ogana

Friday Nwabueze Ogana
I am a postdoctoral researcher in silviculture under the project trees for future (T4F).


I have taught both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria for three years. I taught Forest Biometrics, Applied Regression Methods in Renewable Natural Resources, Forest Mensuration, etc. I have also been involved in teaching a module on Mensuration and Biometrics in the bachelor's program at SLU. 


My research interests include forest modelling and quantitative silviculture. My current project under T4F involves the analysis of long-term forest experiments designed for the evaluation of species-specific growth and yield in conifers stands and for mixtures across Sweden. The main focus is to determine when and where one species become dominant over the other, and how this can be implemented in management to increase mixed-species stands.


* B. Agric. (Forestry and Wildlife), University of Benin, Nigeria; 2011.

* MSc.  Forest Biometrics and Remote Sensing, Univerisity of Ibadan, Nigeria; 2015. 

* Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Ibadan, Nigeria: 2016-2018

* Ph.D. Forest Biometrics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria; 2019.


Selected publications

Ogana, F.N., Holmström, E., Sharma, R.P., Langvall, O. & Nilsson, U. (2023): Optimizing height measurement for the long-term forest experiments in Sweden. Forests Ecology and Management.  

Ogana, F.N., Sjödin, F., Holmström, E., Fries, C. & Nilsson, U. (2022): Effect of aspect-slope on the growth of conifers in harsh boreal climate of northwest Sweden. Forests, 13(2). 

Ogana, F. N., & Ercanli, I. (2021): Modelling height-diameter relationships in complex tropical rain forest ecosystems using deep learning algorithm. Journal of Forestry Research 2021, 1, 1–16.

Ogana, F.N., Gorgoso-Varela, J.J. & Onefeli A.O. (2021): Application of BDq method to Complex Tropical Mixed Forest Ecosystems in Nigeria. Bois et Forêts des Tropiques, 349(3): 37-50.

Ogana, F.N. (2021): A mixed-effects height-diameter model for Gmelina arborea Roxb stands in Southwest Nigeria. Journal of Forest Research.

Ogana, F.N. (2020): Does the inclusion of truncation point in a finite mixture model improve diameter distribution estimation of degraded stand? Journal of Sustainable Forestry,

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Gorgoso-Varela, J.J., Ogana, F.N. & Ige, P.O. (2020): A comparison between derivative and numerical optimization methods used for diameter distribution estimation. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 35(3-4): 156-164. 

Chukwu, O., Ogana, F.N. & Nwatu, J.U. (2020): Comparison of volumes estimated from breast height and stump diameters: application to Tectona grandis data. Forest Science, 66(5): 551-556 . 

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Aigbedion, E, Modugu, W.W. & Ogana, F.N. (2017): Effects of potting on the growth of seedlings of Entandrophragma cylindricum (SPRAGUE) and Tamarindus indica L. Annals of Silvicultural Research,

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