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Jörgen Sjögren

Jörgen Sjögren
Senior lecturer and coordinator of the Restoration Ecology Group. My research interests are both in how various aspects of biodiversity are affected by land-use (mostly forestry and mining), and how we can measure and describe the complexity of biological diversity.


For more information on the research group Restoration Ecology and the work we do, click on this link.


I mostly teach classes in botany and conservation biology/restoration ecology. I also supervise both Bachelor and Master students in writing their independent theses.


In my research I have a great interest in species responses in relation to human altered habitats. When I started my research career, my focal organism groups were bryophytes, lichens, and vascular plants, but lately a common theme in my studies has been the endeavor to include many taxonomic groups when investigating patterns and processes related to land use impacts on biodiversity. Not seldom, we have found that responses vary greatly between the taxonomic groups. We have then been able to see other patterns, draw other conclusions and provide society with more explicit recommendations for management of ecosystems than we would have been able to, had we only focused on a single species or taxonomic group.

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