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Lena Engström

Lena Engström


University degree

Agronomy, PhD in Plant nutrition (Soil science) 2010.

Background and interests

  • N fertilisation strategies to winter oilseeed rape (organic and conventional).
  • The impact of crop residues on soil N dynamics.
  • Residual N-effects of winter oilseed rape, peas and oats in winter wheat. Impact on yield, optimum N rate and N leaching.
  • N fertilisation strategies in low density winter wheat.

Current research projects

  1. Optimising the spring N-rate to winter oilseed rape.
  2. The impact of sowing date on N leaching and yield of winter oilseed rape fertilised with slurry and mineral N at sowing.

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Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil nutrient cycling
Telephone: +4651167141, +46708434678
Postal address:
Inst f mark och miljö, precisionsodling, Box 234
53223 SKARA
Visiting address: Gråbrödragatan 19, Skara