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Mattias Jonsson

Mattias Jonsson
I primarily work with research, teaching and communication/extension in plant protection in agricultural systems, but am also involved in research on multiple ecosystem services and multifunctional agricultural landscapes. I am especially interested in how natural enemies contributes to reduced pest problems, and how to improve the conditions for natural enemies (conservation biological control). I study how land use and targeted conservation biological control measures at field and landscape scale affects natural enemies, and how diversity and food-web interactions are likely to influence biological control now and in the future. I currently primarily conduct research in Sweden and East Africa. I combine empirical studies with research synthesis (often metaanalyses), and also contribute to modelling work. I have a part-time assignment at Centre for Biological Control (CBC) at SLU, where I'm responsible for research, teaching and communication/extension about biological control using insects and arachnids. I'm part of a research team that is working with conservation biology and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes.

Selected publications

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