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Filmed presentations of new wetland projects

Published: 15 June 2020
Slide title and webb camera picture. Youtube screenshot.

The 29th April Kevin Bishop, Karin Eklöf and Martyn Futter from Aquatic Sciences and Assessment participated at the environmental research day by the Swedish EPA. They presented their recently started research projects and the filmed presentations can be watched through the YouTube channel of the Swedish EPA.

The environmental research day 2020 of the Swedish EPA contained among others presentations of new projects funded by the Swedish EPA. Five of  these projects are led by researchers at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment. The three projects from the research call about ecosystem services of wetlands were presented at the environmental research day, which was held digitally and can be watched afterwards through the YouTube channel of the Swedish EPA.

See the recording where the researchers from Aquatic sciences and Assessment are participating: Presentation av åtta nystartade forskningsprojekt – Våtmarkers ekosystemtjänster. The presentations start at the following times: