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New scientific article on dialogue sessions about Organic 3.0

Published: 18 June 2020

In 2016 and 2017, Epok conducted dialogue sessions with a number of different actors who are in various ways connected to organic farming; producers, advisers, breeders, authorities, researchers, certification bodies and environmental organizations. The participants had an open discussion about current issues in organic farming, as well as the future vision that IFOAM presented for future organic production, which is called Organic 3.0. The focus of the sessions was the development of organic farming in Sweden.

The results of the discussions were published in a report and now they have also been published as a scientific article in the journal Organic Agriculture. With the help of the dialogue conversations, a number of challenges for organic food and farming could be identified. These need to be solved so that organic farming can take the next development step. By publishing the results as a scientific article, the results can reach beyond Sweden's borders and contribute to the development of organic farming also in other places.

Read the article here:
Milestad, R., Röös, E., Stenius, T. et al. Tensions in future development of organic production—views of stakeholders on Organic 3.0. Org. Agr. (2020).