Small-scale and mobile slaughter

Last changed: 07 May 2024
Photo: A woman watching cattle, waiting in a que for entering the mobile slaughter house.

Animal welfare and meat quality at mobile and stationary slaughter of cattle

The project was conducted from 2014 to 2018, aiming to:

  • Compare the conditions for good animal welfare and meat quality at mobile and stationary slaughter of cattle.
  • Suggest changes to slaughter routines and animal management in mobile and stationary slaughter of cattle in order to improve animal welfare and meat quality.

A mobile and a large-scale stationary slaughterhouse was followed for just over a year. Observations of a total of 596 animals were carried out regarding animal management and animal behavior during driving to the stun box and in the stun box, blood chemistry at bleeding, carcass characteristics, veterinary inspection findings and meat quality after 7 days of tendering by hanging.

The project was a scientific collaboration with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (formerly SP Food & Bioscience). Collaboration also took place with Hälsingestintan AB and a slaughterhouse company with large-scale stationary slaughter.

Participants at the department were associate professor Jan Hultgren, professor Lotta Berg, researcher Katarina Arvidsson Segerkvist, professor Anders H. Karlsson, professor emeritus Bo Algers, research technician Anne Larsen and research technician Karin Wallin.

The project was financed with funds from the Marie-Claire Cronstedt Foundation, the Swedish Animal Welfare Association, Basen AB och Caroline Ankarcrona.